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A simple and effective solution

If these symptoms seem familiar to you or if your routine has been restricted, now there is a simple solution.

The solution is called GreenLight PVP™ - photoselective vaporisation  of the prostate. This new laser technology can free you from all urination problems without an operation. And without having to impact your lifestyle or health. The green laser light will enable you to live like you would like to - without interference and with the greatest satisfaction.

Half a century without groundbreaking changes

For half a century, the classic transurethral resection procedure (TURP ) has been considered the ‚Gold Standard' in the treatment of benign prostate enlargement. To this day, this title has remained unchallenged.
For the first time in history another therapy has attained the same good clinical effectiveness as TURP - and with less risk and less strain for patients.

The GreenLight PVP™ Method.

This method will provide relief for many people, decisively change the progress of prostate enlargement and, after 50 years, it is in the process of replacing the ‚transurethral resection procedure' in order to become the new ‚Gold Standard'.

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An as easy as effective solution ...