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My doctor/urologist is not familiar with GreenLight PVP™ / KTP laser vaporisation. What can I do if I'm interested in this therapy?

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Is the Greenlight laser treatment covered by my health insurance?

At present, GreenLight PVP™ is not covered by compulsory health insurance companies. Therefore, the compulsory health insurance companies are not allowed to pay for the costs of this treatment. However, the federal commission are discussing whether laser therapies for the treatment of BPH should be covered by compulsory health insurance companies. Only if this happens, will Greenlight laser therapy be covered by the compulsory health insurance companies. As a rule, private health insurance companies cover the costs. Submitting an estimate of the costs and obtaining an approval prior to treatment is advisable but not always necessary.

How many GreenLight PVP™ procedures have been performed?

Thousands of patients have been successfully treated with GreenLight PVP™ worldwide.

Where will the Greenlight laser procedure be conducted?

The Greenlight laser procedure will be conducted at the PROLASYS® Centre for Prostate Laser Therapy.

Will I have to spend the night at the hospital?

Most patients spend one night at the hospital. A follow-up examination is done the next morning. After which the patient can be released. This has proven successful, especially for patients who have travelled quite a distance. In some cases, spending the night at a hotel is also possible.

Will I need anaesthesia?

All patients need some type of anaesthesia. Whether a local, spinal or general anaesthesia is to be used will be discussed with the anaesthesiologist.

Will I feel pain during the procedure?

As yet, patients have not reported feeling any pain during the procedure.

Will I feel pain after the procedure?

After the procedure you may have some mild discomfort - such as slight burning during urination, which could last for up to a week. This can be managed with mild pain medications. Most patients feel comfortable and only rarely request a mild pain medication.

Will I have to wear a catheter?

Only two-thirds of all patients require a catheter for 24 hours, at most. The remaining patients do not require a catheter.

How long before I notice any results?

Usually, symptoms disappear within 24 hours. A dramatic improvement in your urine flow will occur very quickly.

How long is the recovery time? How soon can I resume everyday activities?

Most patients can resume normal activities after one week. A desk job, driving a car or short walks should be possible after a few days. However, patients should avoid strenuous activities (e.g., lifting more than 15 kg, mowing the lawn, doing strenuous physical labour) for about 14 days.

What are the side effects, risks and complications of GreenLight PVP™?

The GreenLight laser therapy is generally considered to be very safe. Most patients are highly satisfied. Some patients experience slight burning during urination and/or a little blood in the urine for a couple of weeks. Some patients may experience more severe symptoms, which can be treated by a doctor. Retrograde ejaculation (so-called 'dry orgasm') following treatment may occur. According to clinical studies, no patients have suffered loss of bladder control (incontinence), loss of sexual ability (erectile dysfunction), have required a blood transfusion, suffered TUR-Syndrome, or death.

Will I still be able to have sex after the PVP procedure?

The GreenLight PVP™ procedure should not affect your ability to have an erection or an orgasm. Some men have reported retrograde ejaculation, also called 'dry orgasm' following the procedure. Fact is: if you are sexually active prior to the laser therapy, you can look forward to remaining sexually active after the procedure.

Can I still undergo a Greenlight laser procedure if I have failed TUNA®, TUMT or ILC?

Yes, many patients who did not have the desired results from one of these treatments have been successfully treated with PVP.

Can I still have a PVP if I've had a TURP?

Yes, absolutely.

Will I still need to take my prostate medication following the PVP procedure?


My doctor recommended that I have a TURP. I am not a candidate for alternative procedures such as TUNA, TUMT or ILC. Can I still have a PVP?

If you are a candidate for TURP, then you are probably also a good candidate for GreenLight laser PVP™. Prostate size or length alone does not generally rule you out as being a good candidate for PVP. Nevertheless, your doctor will need to make that determination, based upon your individual condition.
If your doctor is not familiar with the GreenLight PVP™ laser therapy, then he should refer you to a specialist (PROLASYS® - Centre for Prostate Laser Therapy).

How long will the positive effects of the procedure last?

Clinical studies have shown that the effects of the Greenlight laser therapy are very long lasting. Very few patients require re-treatment. How long you can expect improvement cannot be determined until more data is gathered from clinical studies. The current studies document good improvement for a 5-year period. More studies will ensue.

Where, other than PROLASYS®, can I learn more about the Greenlight / KTP method?

At the following URLs:
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